Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Indonesia 2: Yogyakarta

Our ride that day: a Becak.
Visiting the Sultan's house.
...and getting a guided tour from this handsome 82 year old lady.
Getting explanations on the meanings of the traditional puppets.
In the mosque of the sultan.
At bird market. Not only nice views.
Bird market.
Still at the bird market :)
So much information gets me hungry.

Indonesia 1: Jakarta

As you can tell by Alex' tan she already spent some more time in Indonesia
Market in the Chinese quarter
Wanna buy a hamster?
My first Indonesian dish. Noodles, chicken, veggies.
You can't imagine how aweful this river smelled.
Most Indonesians get from A to B on Scooters.
In the evening, we took the night train to Yogyakarta.
Our hostel in Jakarta was Citiresidence, which we can highly recommend. Nice and helpful staff, nice patio and clean rooms, located in the city center close to the bus station Harmoni.

Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm off!

Ich melde mich jetzt ab für die nächsten drei Wochen. Ich fliege gleich nach Jakarta. Dort treffe ich mich mit der Alex und dann wollen wir uns zusammen mal ein bisschen die Gegend anschauen.Ich hab nur den Flug gebucht. Mehr weiß ich bis jetzt auch nicht. Falls ich da mal Internet hab, bekommt ihr natürlich n Zwischenbericht, ansonsten hören wir uns in 3 Wochen.

I will be off for the next three weeks. I'm already at the airport and will be leaving for Jakarta in a few, where I will be meeting my friend Alex and then we'll browse around a bit. I only booked the flight and don't know anythinf further so far. If I'll have internet I will send you updates. If not: see you in three weeks.